Keene State College Architecture Students to Help Design the Co-op!

Every April, the students from the Collaborative Architectural Project class at Keene State College choose individual and community organization construction projects to gain real-life experience in solving architectural challenges. 


This year, they chose the Great River Co-op!


Under the leadership of Professor Donna Paley, the students have already come up with several options for shape and layout of the future Co-op buildings.    They've visited multiple existing co-op locations for inspiration and ideas, and it's been great seeing the out-of-the-box thinking from this group!

The next step will be taking 3 of these designs forward to interior layouts.  The students (Arelis, Chris, Connor, Olivia and Brandon) have been working with Randall Walter, Head of Design and Architecture for Bensonwood and Adjunct Professor of Architecture for Keene State. They have also received great support from Robyn O'Brien, General Manager of the Putney Food Co-op, and Michael Faber, General Manager of the Monadnock Co-op. 


This is what co-ops are all about.  Community helping community, working together to support each other.


Thanks so much to everyone who has been involved in this project!

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