• You can share in the co-op’s profits. 
  • You can help bring much-needed foodstore competition to our region.
  • You’ll shop at a community market stocked every day with meat and produce raised right here.
  • You’ll help strengthen and expand local agriculture and protect open land.
  • You’ll shop at a family-friendly store that won’t stock sugary cereals at kids’ eye level, stack candy bars by the cash registers, or have what retailers call a “Mommy, I want” aisle filled with impulse purchases.
  • You’ll have a say in the products the store carries.
  • You can have a voice in governing the co-op.
  • The co-op’s profits stay in our community.
  • You can help to develop community education programs through the co-op.
  • Joining now can make it possible. Your memberships and donations will give the co-op additional capital and demonstrate the community support this initiative needs to stay on track.

How you can help

The greatest single sources of funding for any co-op are its members and the community that the co-op will serve.  That's why your fellow members need you to contribute to the co-op  -- and sooner instead of later.  We will need to secure $750,000 from our community in order to open the store.  It can't happen without you!


There are three ways to help fund the Great River Co-op:  buy shares, give a gift, or make a loan.  The good news is you don't have to choose -- you can do all three.

First, buy additional shares

If you have one share at $25, buy three more to become a voting member.  If you're a voting member already, you can purchase additional shares.  The more equity members own, the less the co-op will need to borrow to open and the less interest the store will have to pay.  That means more money to make a better store.


You can buy your shares over time and we can set up a monthly plan that will cost you as little as $10 a month.  Or use our share-a-month service to put one share each month on your credit card.  As you move the co-op closer to its opening, you can score points on your card for your next vacation or major purchase.

Second, give a gift to the co-op

Someone said to a co-op board member, "My CD is earning pennies this year.  Which would I rather have -- a few more pennies or a co-op a few minutes away from home that supports our farmers, gives me better food choices, and keeps more of my grocery dollars local?" 


Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to the co-op. Your gift can be tax-deductible if you make your check out to the Monadnock Economic Development Corporation.  MEDC is our fiscal sponsor and part of our development team.  Send your MEDC check to the co-op at P.O. Box 805, Walpole NH 03608.  We will record your donation and forward your payment to MEDC.  For details and more information, call Kim at 603-835-6488, Ben at 603-445-2200, or CONTACT US through the website.

If you wish, you can specify that the entirety of your gift be used for construction and operations of the store.  If you don't specify that use, the co-op board may use a portion of your donation to pay some expenses related to the fund-raising campaign and operations of the organization.


All funds given for store construction and operations will be held in escrow until they're needed to pay those specific costs.


Remember, the more money the co-op raises through gifts and the sale of shares, the less money the store will have to pay in interest and instead can use its cash to make a better store.

Third, make a loan to the co-op

The Great River Co-op will establish a loan program that can pay you better than bank rates.  The six-year, unsecured loans will carry an interest rate that you choose -- either 0%, 1%, or 2%.  Interest will begin to accrue when construction begins.


You also can specify how much of the loan can be used for pre-construction costs of operating the co-op -- 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, or 50%.  The balance will be held in escrow to pay costs related to store construction and operations.


We'll let you know when the loan drive kicks off.  In the meantime, you can purchase more shares or make a direct contribution.