What is a co-op?

Watch the video below to learn more about what a co-op is, how they are started and what the benefits are to the local community.

A cooperative or “co-op” is a business organized and run by its members. There are more than 200 co-op food stores in the U.S., governed by the local people who shop in them.


Anyone can shop at a co-op, member or not, but membership has its benefits. Some co-ops give discounts at the cash register to members; some distribute profits among members at the end of each year. Members elect the co-op’s board of directors and can influence co-op policies.


Co-op members can use their collective buying power in other ways as well. For example, members of the grocery co-op in Hanover, New Hampshire, also get discounts when they buy child safety car seats, solar energy systems, insurance, and well drilling services.


Co-ops emphasize the idea of community. They feature local products, they keep money in the local economy instead of exporting profits to a faraway corporate headquarters, and provide good jobs that pay well and offer good benefits.


How Do I Become a Member?


The one-time purchase of a share for $25 makes you a GREAT RIVER Co-op Member! There is no annual fee.


Members who purchase four (4) shares also have voting rights in electing the Board of Directors who hire and oversee the Management Team.


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