Annual Meeting 2019 A Success!



The Great River Co-op held its Annual Meeting on Tuesday, April 30th at the Congregational Church in Walpole. 


Amanda Littleton, District Manager of the Cheshire County Conservation District, spoke to attendees about the challenges and opportunities for a robust regional food system. Citing local examples of initiatives and programs already in place, her talk left attendees educated and enthused to do their part to contribute. 



Voting members of the co-op officially elected Steve Fortier and Don Sellarole to the Board of Directors before the meeting, and other general updates were shared with the group. 


In closing, Fortier shared the mission of the Co - op: "The Great River Co-op serves as a leading resource for community, environmental, economic, physical and social well-being within the Great Falls region.” Then, attendees had the opportunity to brainstorm how the co-op could support each of these areas of well-being. The result was a number of excellent ideas that the co-op plans to execute on going forward. 



Those interested in getting involved are encouraged to contact Steve Fortier at or 603-903-2602. To learn more about joining the Great River Co-op, please visit and on Facebook.