Borrow Grocery Story at Area Libraries

The Great River Co-op is donating copies of Grocery Story: The Promise of Food Co-ops In The Age of Grocery Giants to area libraries so our community can learn more about the impact of a food co-op here in Walpole.


“The author, Jon Steinway, a Board member of the Kootenay Co-op in British Columbia, documents the consolidation of the food industry—from production to distribution to retail sale—with compelling cases for why this is not only bad for individual consumers but also for our entire food system,” said Great River Co-op President, Steve Fortier.  “Jon makes a strong case that food co-ops are an antidote to the economic, environmental and health challenges posed by a national food system with very few owners and decision-makers.”

From the publisher – “Grocery Story is for everyone who eats. Whether you strive to eat more local and sustainable food, or are in support of community economic development, Grocery Story will leave you hungry to join the food co-op movement in your own community.”


Borrow a copy of this incredible book from the Alstead, Walpole or Rockingham libraries (coming soon to Acworth and Westminster) and please visit to learn more about the author and the incredible movement he is inspiring.


Community members interested in getting more involved in moving the Great River Co-op project forward are encouraged to contact Steve Fortier at or 603-903-2602.