Volunteer Opportunities for 2020

Are you looking for a specific way to get involved with the Great River Co-op? We have a number of new initiatives to support this project AND our community this Spring/Summer.

Watch Gretchen's video update version on Facebook.

First, we have a volunteer working hard doing the legwork to pull together a Farmers' Market for this summer.  Once that gets up and running, we'll need more volunteers to make sure we can pull it off in a safe and organized way.

Next, if you are a first-time gardener, or trying to branch out to more than just basil, you can try getting paired with a gardening mentor - we already have a seasoned gardener who can offer her expertise to someone who's not sure how to start. By the way - getting veggie starts from a nearby farm is one way to support local agriculture, check out our list of local farms here

And lastly, are you interested in learning more about the big picture of our food systems and the co-op model? There are members interested in having a virtual book discussion (we could read Grocery Story, the Foodie's Guide to Capitalism, or Food Fix, among others...). Maybe you're the right person to offer a little organization to pull it together!

To sign up or see other concrete ways to help the co-op and our local food system, check out:

Have more suggestions for us? Let us know at info@greatriverfoodcoop.com!