Great River Co-op Announces a Full Event Lineup for Fall






The Great River Co-op announces a full schedule of fundraising events for fall including a music night, harvest dinner and private screening of the movie Food For Change.  Read on for details! 

First up, is a Music Night at Mole Hill in East Alstead.  Held on Friday, September 15th, the evening will feature a number of local bands, with local food and a silent auction to benefit the co-op!  


In celebration of Co-op Month during the month of October, the Great River Co-op will hold its 2nd Annual Harvest Dinner on Sunday, October 15th at the Bellows Walpole Inn with a menu that showcases seasonal foods from local farms and producers. 


On October 26th, we'll host a special movie showing of Producer and Director Steve Alves’ “Food For Change” at the Bellows Falls Opera House. The film is a documentary about food co-ops and how they’re changing American culture. It also goes into the history of co-ops through the Great Depression, WWII, and the 1960s.  


Watch our Facebook page for updates on these events!


All co-op events will depend on volunteers and support from area businesses.  We have numerous sponsorship options available.  


If you would like to get involved, please send an email to, or visit the website: